Organic Homes

Luxury homes are getting redefined in unusual ways, with materials that, at first thought, have no relationship with luxury—from locally available stones to naturally available materials. Architects and homeowners are reinventing the idea of luxury, going back to simpler times and are using basic materials in the most contemporary ways.
If you have already built your home by conventional terms, here are 3 easy ways to go green, get eco-friendly and join the organic bandwagon.

Get water-efficient

(From Low flow shower heads to having a garden with only native foliage that doesn’t need high maintenance watering)

Green Your Roof

(Dark colored roofs soaks up the sun’s energy and make your home and the surrounding area hotter. That’s why tons of dark roofs clustered together in one spot can warm up an entire city to create the “urban heat island effect” – an effect which causes cities to be significantly warmer (sometimes up 10 degrees warmer) than surround natural landscapes. Do your neighbors and your electricity bill a favor and make your roof a green roof or a solar roof. By reflecting or harnessing the sun’s rays, you can lower the temperature of your house and save on your cooling bills by up to 40%.)

Go Natural

(From Cow dung bricks, terracotta floors, bamboo to locally available rubble stones, harness the natural and stick to the natural look)

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